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 Teach Yourself Tunisian Crochet

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PostSubject: Teach Yourself Tunisian Crochet   Teach Yourself Tunisian Crochet EmptySun Sep 02, 2007 2:18 pm

Teach Yourself Tunisian Crochet (Leisure Arts #3758)
By Nancy Nehring

Nancy Nehring is my hero! Nationally recognized designer, teacher, and author, Mrs. Nehring has given the crochet world another winner. This book begins with a wonderful tutorial on Tunisian crochet basics and continues with 11 beautiful designs that will leave you wondering how you can possibly make the time to do them all. For my part, I leave a great deal of housework, “work” work, and other tasks undone! (Admit it – you do the same now and then!) From a wonderful bath mat and basket to sweaters, handbag, and afghan, there’s something to appeal to everyone. I personally went straight to my stash to see if I had any of “the goods” on hand to start straight off on any one of the patterns.
The tutorial is well-illustrated and easy to follow. A 28 stitch “stitch library” rounds off the book to give us all a great jumping off point for nearly any Tunisian project we could dream up.
Personally, I purchased this book with nary a second thought once I saw my Holy Grail – instructions for creating true crossed cables like the ones you see in knitting. I had been trying to find just such information for three years! Had I only known Nancy Nehring or her book earlier! Make this book a permanent part of your crochet library. It belongs in a place of pride with ARNie’s incomparable books and Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia (to name but two!)
Now if I can just find a way to contact Mrs. Nehring for a tiny bit more information about those cables…..
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Teach Yourself Tunisian Crochet
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