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 Tunisian, Afghan Stitch, Crochenit, Cro-Hook, MoEZ?

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Tunisian, Afghan Stitch, Crochenit, Cro-Hook, MoEZ? Empty
PostSubject: Tunisian, Afghan Stitch, Crochenit, Cro-Hook, MoEZ?   Tunisian, Afghan Stitch, Crochenit, Cro-Hook, MoEZ? EmptySat Aug 18, 2007 12:42 pm

Tunisian, Afghan Stitch, Crochenit, Cro-Hook, MoEZ? What's the difference?

Tunisian crochet is the term for any crochet in which you use a long-ish hook. You open the stitches on one "pass", then you close them up on the second "pass." It's very similar to knitting, although thicker since it takes two passes in order to complete the row.

If you can do a single crochet, then you can do Tunisian crochet. Imagine a single crochet. You insert your hook and pull up a loop. Then, you pull through two loops on your hook. For basic Tunisian crochet, all you are doing is a single crochet in assembly-line fashion. You insert your hook and pull up a loop, but you do that all the way across. Then, you yarn over and pull through the loops, closing each stitch, one at a time.

Tunisian Crochet encompasses hundreds of stitch variations and combinations that make it a very versatile technique. What most people call "afghan stitch" is actually only one of many Tunisian stitches.

The Tunisian hook, also called afghan hook looks like a knitting needle with the "knob" on one end, but a crochet hook on the other instead of a point. You can also get the same thing with a hook on each end, a double-ended afghan hook.

Now, for the hooks. Boye and Susan Bates both make them. There are regular afghan hooks and there are those with the extender cable. There are regular double-ended hooks and there are those with the cable.

In the 70s, Mary Middleton introduced "Crochenit" which is double-ended Tunisian using only a size M hook. At the same time, Boye and Susan Bates were using their double-ended hooks and the technique was called cro-hook or cro-knit, depending on who the manufacturer/publisher was.

Twenty-five or so years' later, Mary joined with Annie's Attic for a short while and several leaflets were published as well as new manufacture of her special Crochenit hook, with red and green point protectors included for easy start and stop. I am very fortunate in that I have some of Mary's original Crochenit hooks from the 70s. I was able to get them on eBay as well as some of her original publications before she started publishing through Annie's Attic.

In the 90s, crochet with the double-ended hook became widely known as Crochet on the Double when many new patterns were introduced by Annie's Attic in this technique. Darla Fanton designed a tremendous amount of items and had several leaflets published as she basically reintroduced the technique, almost by herself. There were others (including me LOL). But, Darla's numerous designs sort of "heralded" the reintroduction.

MoEZ is the name given the hooks made by Monte Grimm. They are both regular Tunisian hooks as well as double-ended hooks. Instead of a knob on the end of the Tunisian hooks, I believe he has dipped them in some type of rubber, color coding the rubber for the size of the hook. They make larger Tunisian hooks from about a size L and up.

Carolyn Christmas introduced her larger Tunisian hooks in the late 90s or early 00s. They are Tunisian hooks in sizes L, M, N and P, I believe. These are called Easy Tunisian hooks.

For regular Tunisian, you work with one hook and you don't turn your work. For double-ended Tunisian (cro-hook, cro-knit, crochet on the double), you turn your work and you use two separate balls of yarn, one for each hook.

Kim Guzman
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Tunisian, Afghan Stitch, Crochenit, Cro-Hook, MoEZ?
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