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 Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc.

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Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc. Empty
PostSubject: Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc.   Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc. EmptySun Aug 19, 2007 5:36 pm

Gail H. Devoid, Ph.D.

Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc. GailDevoid

Bead Designer and Teacher

Thanks for stopping by. I visit many websites for beading topics, and always wonder about the beaders whose work I see. Every now and then, I come across sites that have autobiographies of designers, and I really enjoy learning more about them. I hope you enjoy learning about me.

I learned crafts at an early age, as my mother taught me how to knit, crochet, sew, and embroider. At the age of eleven, I learned how to loom with beads. I loved knitting while growing up, and beading took a backseat to that for quite some time.

Once I built a house in Harwinton, Connecticut in 1977, gardening became my passion. Before I moved to New Hampshire in 1993, I completed the Master Gardener program through the Connecticut Co-operative Extension, taking the course of study at the University of Connecticut branch in West Hartford.

The beading part of my life started in earnest with a gift from my husband of a pin that was a reproduction in glass of the Hope diamond. Wanting to wear this as a necklace, I searched the Internet for a brooch converter. Accompanying that online order was a small bag of beads, and a silver finding, one suitable for a cabochon stone. Being happy with the new way to wear the faux Hope Diamond pin, I wondered what I could do with this free finding from B'Sue Boutiques.

At work, a woman in sales had a hobby of making jewelry, and I turned to her for advice. She helped me with this first jewelry-making project and mentioned she was selling her seed beads, findings, books, cording, and thread and getting out of the hobby. Before she broke up the collection of beading supplies at a yard sale, I asked to see everything. We struck a deal and I bought everything. What would the people at B'Sue Boutiques think if they knew what they started with a few free beads and one finding?

The Internet helped me learn to bead and the Fire Mountain Gems catalogs became my reference books. Research on the Mirrix loom brought me to the two groups that I credit with helping me bloom quickly with this art and craft: The Bead Society of New Hampshire (BSNH is at and the Fun With Yahoo Group.

At the first BSNH meeting, I saw exquisite seed bead jewelry done by several members, polymer clay beads done by artist Ann Dillon, lampworking beads by several NH artists, and a bead crochet project in progress with a woman learning the technique. I was enthralled. Discussion of an upcoming bead retreat convinced me to join the society. A bead crochet class at the retreat taught me the basics.

Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc. BM-Flag-BC-Bracelet2

Once I learned more about beading, I started sharing what I knew through the Yahoo Groups and the bead society. I have taught throughout New Hampshire, and I am active in several Yahoo Groups, such BeadChat, BeadCrochet, and Beadyshenanigans. I teach techniques through programs at the Bead Society of New Hampshire, and currently teach classes at Michaels in Concord, NH. Nothing compares to the happy look on a new beader's face when she or he learns a new technique and walks away with a beautiful piece of beadwork, so I thoroughly enjoy these classes. I also publish free tutorials on my website at

My first magazine article appeared in Issue 4 of The Magazine. One of my tutorials will be published as part of a beading calendar for 2007, another for a 2008 calendar, and a third in 2009. One of the watches I designed appeared in a C&GG catalog, and a bead crochet necklace was featured in Bead Babe's May 2006 Brag Page. recognized my work as a designer in May 2006, naming me Designer of the Month.

One of the reasons I started beading was to relieve the stress from working on a Ph.D. in Organization and Management. Part of the process of finishing my dissertation is overcoming the fear of publishing something that people will find boring. I work on developing my confidence through my interest in beads. The feedback I receive in the Yahoo group from those I have helped continues to be a vital source of encouragement to me. Becoming a better writer, bead designer, and business researcher continue to offer me my biggest personal challenges, and offer an avenue to increased accomplishments.

I finished my Ph.D. in June 2007, and I had no fears when I published my dissertation. I currently serve as the President of the Bead Society of New Hampshire and work as an independent consultant.

Gail Devoid
Need For Beads, Inc.
431 High St.
Boscawen, NH 03303[center][img]
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Gail H. Devoid, Need For Beads, Inc.
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