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 Tapestry Crochet Tutorial

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Carol Ventura

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Tapestry Crochet Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Tapestry Crochet Tutorial   Tapestry Crochet Tutorial EmptyTue Aug 14, 2007 6:16 pm

Tapestry crochet is similar to regular crochet, except that one or more yarns are carried while another is single crocheted. The finished pieces look woven instead of crocheted.

As an introduction to the technique, I suggest you try the free felted amulet bag pattern at from my web page at because it is tapestry crocheted with a loose stitch.

The free video at features this project and the online instructions include links for carrying the extra color, crocheting in rounds, and the tapestry crochet stitch for both right and left handed crocheters. The little bag does not have to be felted that part is up to you.

Carol Ventura
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Tapestry Crochet Tutorial
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