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 Newbie Pics

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PostSubject: Newbie Pics   Mon Aug 20, 2007 4:04 pm

I'm new today. I LOVE doing Filet work, not just with thread, but with regular yarns too. It can make for spectacular Throws & is an interesting way to incorporate a design into a garment, for example a poncho. I have a ponch that I did a dragon design in the front & back by making two rectangular filet pieces & putting them together. I don't have a pic of that one & I need to. Maybe I can rectify that this week.
Meantime, here are two fpics of one of my pieces. This is a rose throw I made my mom. I'm really bad about forgetting to get pics of work before I give it away, but I do still have a couple things around.
I think you'll be able to look, I tried anyway. Not sure I have it figured out though! LOL
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Newbie Pics
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